Monday, June 9, 2014

Hot Places To Travel To This June: Machu Picchu, Sweden, the Mediterranean and more!

Yay for June and Yay For Travel Loans!!!

This summer you need to make a commitment to yourself and family that you will travel at every opportunity you get.  
Trust me, I know it is hard...getting away is not easy but I have always said that "we deserve it!" Contact United Military Travel at 866-582-9579!

Now that the kids are out of school and Father's Day is coming up, what better way to spend the month of June than traveling. 

Here are some places that my family is considering going!

1.  Treat Dad to a vacation all about him by taking him fishing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The waters are world renowned for all sorts of fish so give Dad the chance to pick between Mahi Mahi (the fish so good they named it twice), tuna, marlin, Cobia, flounder etc.   

2.  Splash into summer by cooling off at a water park!  I would list them all but come to find out there are a TON out there, so click here for your own personal list not only in North America but all over the world!  Also, the Travel Channel has conveniently listed the best Amusement Parks and Water Parks of 2014 - check it out!

3.  Now this one is still on my bucket list - Macchu Picchu, Peru.  I am suggesting it for the month of June because it is their dry season and the tourists do not "over-crowd" until July and August.  The Ruins would be such a great educational experience for your children because no matter what grade they are in, I am sure Macchu Picchu will be brought up.  Your child can share their own personal photographs and stories.  Who knows, maybe it will inspire them to be a archeologist or historian???

4.  The Great Smokey Mountains are a fantastic getaway for a family, a couple, or a solo trip.  Sometimes you just need to beat the heat of the beach and head to the cool air of the mountains and swim in a mountain stream.  And with the mountain range spanning a huge part of the East Coast they are accessible from many states.  Go panning for gold, hike part of the Appalachian Trail, or camp under the stars.  For the nature lover, the Great Smokies are a force to be reckoned with!  Here is the official website to help plan your trip.  

5.  Summers in Northern Europe are a little slice of Heaven.  Sweden is on my top lists of countries to visit in June because the temperature does not exceed 79 degrees, the earliest sunrise is 3:30am, the latest sunset is 9:49pm, and the midnight sun phenomenon where the sun is visible until midnight and also a full 24 hours around the solstice (June 21).  Also, all the cafes and museums are open and the migratory sea life is in full swing!

 6.  Cruise the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or anywhere else you may want to see this June.  I personally am dying to cruise around to the Italian, Greek and Turkish ports.  Regent of the Seas is a Luxury cruise line is one that is on the top of my lists to use!  

So if you are in the service and want to treat your family to the perfect summer getaway with United Military Travel!  Also, stay tuned because I am going to highlight each month's reasons for traveling :) 

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