Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Knotts Island, North Carolina


Knotts Island, North Carolina    While this tiny unincorporated marshy island in Currituck County may never be a hopping vacation destination, it will always be a beautiful wildlife refuge and a safe haven for migratory waterfowl that pass through the area.  The community is bordered by the Currituck Sound, North Landing River, Back Bay, and Knotts Island Bay thus creating the  Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge.
Did you know the meaning behind the name Currituck is "land of the wild goose"?    
Yesterday I visited Knotts Island, North Carolina for the first time with my family to take family photos in one of Knotts Island's most popular destinations, Martin Vineyard and Orchard.  My niece, Peaches, turns 1 today so yesterday was essentially her 1 year old portraits/family romp on a farm.  The peach orchard is amazing and the kids had an amazing time picking...primarily eating the peaches will they endured the photo shoot!
There are two ways to get onto the island: a ferry from mainland Currituck or drive directly onto the island from the north in Virginia Beach.  Did you know that all ferries in North Carolina are free??  Yes, free!  Here is a complete list of all the ferries and schedules in North Carolina.
My dog Finn patiently awaiting the arrival of our family!
I came in from the north because I live in Newport News, Virginia but originally I had planned on meeting my family in mainland Currituck and taking the ferry with them.  Turns out that I am so glad that I went that way because it is a GORGEOUS drive!  If you like country roads, mom and pop stores, and wide open fields this is the drive for you.
And if you are living in northeastern North Carolina or southeastern Virignia, Knotts Island is a perfect spot for a quick day trip or even a brief stop will in route to the Outer Banks!

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