Tuesday, April 12, 2016

OBX Foodies Unite! Spring Into The Eateries of Corolla, NC

You may be asking yourself what there is to do in Corolla during the Spring besides unwinding on the perfect unpopulated beaches, exploring the Currituck Sound and catching the sunset every night? The answer is simple – eat! For the foodies out there, prepare to be wowed by the large number of excellent restaurants in our tiny village. We may be small in size, but our palates are mighty! The only problem you may encounter with the businesses during the spring months are the shorter operating hours, but don’t worry – the majority of them are open and ready to see your smiling faces! 
The first and most obvious place to find a meal is in the Tim Buck II shopping center. Everything from breakfast, brunch, specialty food shops, lunch and dinner joints can be found here. Take your pick of cuisines! Everything from classic American, Mexican, Italian, seafood boils and steamers, steak house, trendy gourmet and much more! 


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