Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All-Inclusive Myths Busted

Say the first thing that comes to mind when you hear 

*over crowded
*cookie cutter

From what I have found out most people have the same misconceptions about all-inclusive resorts so I am here to bust them for you.  

*Scam: If you feel that you get lied to when you are told "everything" is included in the final price here is what you need to know.
It all depends on what you do when you arrive there.  Always read the fine print on the resort's website! 
Always check with the resort to see if your spa services are included or if there is extra specialty restaurant charge and if you choose to take an off-property adventure...again check so you are not surprised when you receive the bill. Majority of the time if you decide to scuba dive or have a spa day be prepared to pay extra.
Tipping: Do or Don't?
Most resorts tell their employees to NOT accept tips but when you check in ask what their policy is.  Also, it usually is a good idea to leave a tip regardless when you find a good bartender so they keep up "the good work".

*Cookie Cutter: Do you envision a cheesy 3 star resort where everything looks the same and there is no "extra effort"?  I did too until I found out this...
All inclusive resorts must have found out what the general public thought of them because they have drastically changed their image from what it was a few years ago.  Now they offer a range of rooms ranked on location, size, view and added amenities at the same price you would get a hotel.  
Actually, many resorts offer 15 plus choices in rooms and it honestly can get a little difficult to sort through.  That is why it is beneficial to work with a travel agency - United Military Travel can help you sort through them all depending on what you want.  It is just one aspect that makes planning your vacation easier.
Also, if you want a butler, concierge services and a private lounge you can have it....but it does come with a price.  But who cares, that is why they call it a vacation! 

*Average and Overcrowded: Do you consider a vacation fighting crowds of people, waiting in lines for a water downed drink and fighting for spots on the beach?  Have no fear - those days are gone!
There are many all-inclusive high-end resorts with only 25-50 villas that allow you to get more intimate with your surroundings.
What is comes down to is you "get what you pay for" - so if you budget only calls for a lower end resort then you will probably find yourself in a basic and over-crowded "hotel". 

*Over-priced "hotels": Myth - all inclusives are always of good value.  This comes back to the general rule of:
You get what you pay for.
Before you decide to book a all-inclusive do you research on the area you are staying in.  For example, have you chosen an island that offers more restaurants than palm trees?  If so, does it really make sense to stay in an all-inclusive when you are going to want to explore the other places to eat?  Probably not.
Also, if you do not want to be over crowded try to skip the most traveled time.  Christimas/New Years and spring break.  These times you will find more people in these relaxing locations and that means the staff is stretched thinner, taking away from the "value" you were looking for. 
Always book smart and use a travel consultant to ensure you get everything out of your vacation you want.  

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