Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Top Rated Road Trips Across The Globe

This time of year is when I turn off my A/C, open my windows and drive with all my windows down.
It puts me in the mood for a road trip!  

Here are 10 of the best routes across the globe...in no particular order...
 I included a few domestic ones because I feel I haven't seen much of my home country.  

Now if only I could get traveling!

1. The Lasso, SD to Devils Tower, WY

While this 110 mile drive is made most by bikers it is just as memorable by car and from what I have heard - people say it is "hands down one of the country's best road trips."  You will drive through deep forests, exciting mountain vistas, beautiful plains and farmland.  A must do during the fall!    

2. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the entire world at 4,086 sq miles and at a elevation of 11,995 ft above sea level this road trip is for the the adventurous and wild at heart.  I have written about the flats before and they are nothing short of extraordinary and people say its like being in "Heaven but on Earth".  The best time to visit here is a bit tricky because in the winter months there may be to much snow and in the summer to much water - it is recommended April to May and September to November.

3.  Glacier National Park, Montana

If I could leave right now for this drive I would in heart beat.
This route is called "Going to the Sun Road" and spans 50 miles through Glacier Nationals Parks's most scenic twists and turns.  The sheer effort it took to construct this road in 1932 is a marvel in itself.  So when you drive through mountains remember it took millions of pounds of explosives to carve the scenic byway for the public to enjoy.  

4.  Picton to Christchurch, New Zealand

One of the most breathtaking drives New Zealand has to offer, it takes you along the coast for ample opportunities to whale watch and listen to the sea lions talk from the comfort of your own car.  Also, the main perk of this drive is the hundreds of miles of vineyards it leads you through - stop at one of the wineries for a true wine experience! 

5. San Juan Skyway, Colorado

Drive through Telluride, Durango and Silverton Colorado on the San Juan Skyway and you will pass by alpine passes and some of the most beautiful landscape the country has to offer.  This route is 236 mile long loop through southwest Colorado and take about five hours to drive.  

6.  Kailua - Kona to Puukohola Heiau, Hawaii

This route is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and circles the entire 480 miles around the island.  You will pass by active lava flows, warm beaches, and lush forests.  While cruising the east side of the island stop by Volcano National Park and see where lava meets the sea for an unforgettable experience.  

7.  France to Italy to Switzerland

All I am going to say is take any route and you will get:
Fields of flowers
Opportunities to try exquisite food

8.  Puglia, Italy

This area is an Adriatic dream - located on the "heel of Italy's boot" it offers miles and miles of picturesque blue-green views of the sea.  You will drive through 250 miles olive groves and fishing villages for a relaxing slow paced drive that will bring you to numerous small towns to sample the local cuisine and culture.  

9.  Denali Park Road, Alaska

Enjoy nature in its prime and not at a zoo but in Denali National Park.  You will encounter moose, black bear, brown bear, eagles and countless numbers of other wildlife.  Just be safe!!! Remember its Alaska and it is more dangerous than the lower 48's.  

10.  Creel to Batopilas, Mexico

Most people, including myself, think of driving through Mexico as a bit dangerous.  But it really is all about location and here you are safe....from the banditos that is.  This route has no guard rails so when driving through the 20 canyons go slow and keep your eyes on the road.  These canyons were formed by 6 different rivers and offer a home to cattle, donkeys and goats that you will likely have to drive through. The views are breathtaking and unforgettable - get away from the mainstream u and explore the real mexico.   

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