Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bohemian Travel....Could you handle it???

Bohemian Travel:
     Traveling to completely non-mainstream places by way of non-expensive plane tickets and ditching the fancy hotels in order to create ways to experience more and doing whatever it takes to make it happen.  
Literally, whatever it takes.  
Meeting interesting, unique individuals you probably would not meet anywhere else in the entire world most likely by hitchhiking, riding the bus or sharing a van and each encounter invokes synchronistic feelings.  To travel like a true bohemian you set off without a true destination - the journey is the destination and you go wherever the path leads you.  Many times you will find yourself in nature, searching the universe for the meanings of the things you have just encountered or left behind.  I would call bohemian travel a spiritual journey, a journey that you have embarked on to find out who you are and what you are meant to do in life....or at least that moment.  Just remember that you are traveling for the sake of travel...not for the sake of getting to a physical destination.  
Enjoy the ride.
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Keeping in mind, a true bohemian holiday does not have a destination in mind - here are a few good places to start...

Ibiza, Spain
While this city is well known and mainstream it is a must see for all bohemian type travelers.  It has been the main hub for hippies and naturalist alike since the 60's and offers a variety of learning experience for your mind and taste buds that cannot be ignored. It is a bit of a party town but like I said - its a good place to start. 

Chefchaouen, Morocco
Again, this place in the 60's was a huge attraction.  What draws people to this town are the original architecture, blue buildings.  It may sound dull, but for a bohemian traveler - it inspires creativity and a sense of calm.  This place ranks high on places to see - in fact anywhere in Morocco!

Koh Chang, Tailand
Some people have compared Koh Chang to the Maldives while others say it is the "oriental Eden of the east".  Here is where the movie "The Beach" is filmed starring Leonardo DiCaprio - the one with the magical lagoon and endless fields of mary j.  While the fields probably do not exist, the lagoon does and it offers relative seclusion and a mellow vibe compared to the bustling mainland of Thailand. 

Arembepe, Brazil
Join the likes of Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger who have frequented this destination to find inspiration.  Arembepe is not a popular tourist local but is a tropical paradise that offers a traveler access to nature and the sea.  Escape reality for a bit to find your self and mingle with the few others who have found themselves there.  Remember: synchronicity 

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Please keep in mind that just because this is Boho traveling it doesn't mean you cannot use my beloved United Military Travel to get you there :)  
Chat with their travel consultants and let them know your "plans"!

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