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Lake Tahoe ALLLLL year long!

Another reason why California is a fantastic state...

North Tahoe - Winter
South Tahoe - Summer
I would say that Lake Tahoe would be have to be one of the best places in the country to own a second home.  Summer time offers an unlimited amount of water activities and hiking then the winter is a snow wonderland for skiers and snowboarders.  
You get the best of both worlds - prime country for the outdoorsman!
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I personally have never been to Tahoe but I have never ever heard a negative thing about it.  It is a well sought after destination for all walks of life and for good reason.  Not many tourist places offer such a plethora of activities all year long - most have a high season and low season but here summer and winter bring in visitors for business all year long.  

Summer temperatures range from around 75-80 degrees during the day to the low 40s at night.  Winter temps average from a high of 40 to the lows in the teens and 20s but may dip to and below 0 degrees. 
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Lake Tahoe 

Starting with the south because this area suits my personality better :) 
It is home to a colorful, inspiring natural landscape that is home to a thriving art scene that promotes a laid back natural vibe that pairs well with the mountain life.  The streets are lined with working studios and galleries and you can view their art in any of the many festivals when the weather is warm while listening to the live music performances.  

Steve Barton painting his tropical scenes

But lets not forget why most people visit here - the outdoor activities!  
Hiking around the Tahoe Rim Trail or taking a nature walk through D.L. Bliss State Park are both great ways to spend your days.  
Tahoe Rim Trail is a 165 mile long trail that loops around the entire lake and goes through the Sierra Nevada and Carson ranges of California and Nevada.  Do your research on this trail before you set off for the local weather, trail closures, animal sitings and areas for specific experience levels - it is a challenging hike. The link above provides all the information you will need to plan your trip.

D.L. Bliss State Park is a great place to access the lake because whether you are a camper or a day visitor you can enjoy swimming, scuba diving, picnicking, or sun bathing on Lester Beach or Calawee Cove.  Lester Beach is the most popular place to launch your kayak or paddleboard but keep in mind you cannot keep trailers in the day use area - tickets will be passed out!
 Also, if you prefer to get out you can hike the Rubicon Trail, Lighthouse Trail, and Balancing Rock Trail. Check out their visitors guide linked above for all the details on what the park has to offer.

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Where to stay and eat:

For a complete list of places to stay check out the official South Tahoe tourist guide - the highlight the best of the 4 stars to rustic cabin lodges and everything in between.  The website also gives a complete review of places to eat, events and deals!  
Once you figure out where you want to stay call United Military Travel and let them book your stay now/ pay later vacation!  

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North Tahoe
While both the north and south are great places in the summer for boating, hiking, biking etc; north Tahoe is epic in the winter time for skiing and snowboarding.  Experience the world renowned chutes, bowls, glades and groomers at more than a dozen of ski and snowboard resorts.  
And if you have little ones or if you are like me who would just tumble down the mountain, have no fear, check out snow tubing, ice skating, sledding or backcountry snowmobile tours!  Tahoe accommodates all ages and experience levels :) 

This will never be me!

This is more like it :) 
Ski Lake Tahoe is a fantastic website listing all the ski resorts and the essentials to plan your visit.  Keep in mind that any where you want to stay and any packages you are interested in United Military Travel can book for you, just let your travel consultant know what you want when you call in.   

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