Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Pursuit of Happiness

Why be anything but happy?

Days like today make me wonder, "why would you do anything but what makes you happy?"

Then I realize the one simple reason: money > provides for you and your family.

Last night I was on the phone with my sister and we were discussing how it is super easy to let your body go.  It is easier to gain weight and not try then it is to stay slim by consciously taking care of yourself.  It takes a lot of work and brain power to keep your body healthy and fit.  It takes a very little effort to not care whatsoever.

The reason I bring that up is because it relates directly to my theory on why people get "stuck" living a life that is not theirs;  living in a place they do not love or doing something they are not passionate about.  It is because it takes effort to make your life everything you want it to be.  No successful person has ever gotten to where they did because they were lazy.  They recognized what they wanted and turned their dreams into a reality.  

Was it easy for them?  Probably not for most and yes for some.  But the point is this, we cannot sit on our bums and talk smack about the successful, happy ones when we ourselves are not fighting for the same general thing.  Happiness.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has the opportunity to make their lives what they dream them to be.  People can use the excuse all day long that they were not "given" the same opportunities as the others or they cannot achieve the same things because it is not meant to be.  Life is what you make it to be - so if you do not try I do not want to hear you whine.    

Money is the root of all evil - it drives the world and makes everyone join a rat race just to have roof over their heads and food on the table.  It makes people live lives they do not want to and it drives people to commit crimes out of pure greed or desperation.  

I myself am not writing this as a rich person or a poor person - I am a 28 year old, partially employed mommy will bills and mouths to feed.  Money is a constant issue in my household and is something that makes my dreams very challenging to achieve.  Do I let it stop me?  No, I do not and I never will.  You know why?  Because I LOVE being happy!!!

You wanna know what makes me happy - other than my precious family????


Whether it be weekend jaunts or week long getaways the ability to clear my head  is priceless.   When I step back from my daily life and look in from afar it gives me a new perspective and gives me the ability to re-evaluate the importance levels of the things I was stressing over.  

I call getting away "decompression time".  

I have come to realize that while it is important to enjoy where you live it is more important for me to  be able to get away and have "air under my wings".  For me it is the small things in life -  I am not a needy or high maintenance woman by any means.  Just never take traveling away from me and I will always have my happiness. 


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