Friday, November 7, 2014

Suping Glacier Grey

I came across Jorge Badura's website by chance this morning but what I found were beautiful, inspiring images that make me want to get out and L I V E.

Jorge is an adventure and action sport photographer from Germany that makes a living out of pushing himself and others to the limits in the wild.  He captures all the details of the adventures while guiding these people on a trip of a lifetime.  
The trip I am highlighting is one where he was on assignment through to Patagonia, Chile.  The Chilean government gave him special permission to explore Glacier Grey  and his personal method of choice was stand up paddle boarding.  Suping is something that he is passionate about and write about often.  
This takes some major, major cahones (sp) if you ask me.

Warming his ice cold wet suit

Glacier Grey

Just imagine the current in those waters...

This is the image that inspired me to share

Natural beauty

I love what Jorge said about being out there: 
"Touching the ice is like reaching into another world, somehow there is an energy, it's hard to describe."

Suping really is not a hard sport whatsoever in normal conditions where normal people do it.  But when you add in these conditions, holy cow!
"The forces of Nature can be humbling with a lake temperature of 0.5 degrees Celsius/32.0 Fahrenheit.  Gusty winds mixed in with rain and sleet.  The camera gear is partially wet and my fingers start getting numb, but our excitement and curiosity keeps us all pushing closer to the glacier, with the occasional amazing window of sparkling sunlight."

And just think, those glaciers he explored have probably only seen maybe a handful of people in their existence and he is one of them. If you read his bio on his website you will understand that Nature is a part of him, it loves and understands him as he does it.  
Those glaciers welcomed him.  
They may not have been so gracious to others.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

With all that being said, what is the most adventures thing you have done?
Adventure can come from a hobby or your profession.  In Jorge's case his hobby is his profession.  If you are in the Military I can only imagine how jumping out of helicopters can get the blood pumping!

I honestly can say that I am adventurous but to my own standards.  If someone like Jorge were to review my life he would probably say that I was a boring nelly but realistically I have done some cool stuff. 

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For all your adventurous needs!

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