Thursday, November 6, 2014

Who Is United Military Travel Anyways?!?!?!?!!!

You may have asked yourself before,
"who is this company I write for and how do they let me travel to all these fun locations???"

United Military Travel (UMT) is a travel finance company that loans money to active and retired Military and government personnel.  

Another question you may have asked yourself before,
"why would I need to borrow money to travel???"

Everyone and their mother knows that traveling can be expensive but is completely necessary to keep you mind, body and spirit intact.  
And sometimes you travel because it is unexpected.  
But whether it is a planned getaway or one that comes out of the blue, UMT will help you regardless.  
So in short people use UMT's services to finance their travel so they can either have a getaway of their dreams, bring along friends and family on their own dime, to take them to their destination in a jiffy and/or to help them through the process of planning and booking travel.  

Sure I write about budget traveling all the time but realistically majority of the budgeting takes place when you already reach your destination.  There really are not to many ways to skrimp on airfare.  
Flying is what it is - expensive.
But when you are given the chance to pay it back monthly it opens a door for you to use your "cash" in other areas of your vacation.  

Also, one of the reasons why I am loyal to UMT and chose them over their competitors is because they work with all the major airlines and has negotiated contracts with the major consolidators across the globe.  
What that means is they offer Military discounted airfare tickets, discounted hotel reservations and discounted car rentals.

Military personnel use UMT's services a lot of the times when they have leave scheduled and want to visit a loved one, travel back to and from overseas and/or take a vacation they have always wanted to do.

I honestly can say that United Military Travel is a fantastic company and not one of those nasty loan businesses.  I would never ever associate my name with a company that was not 100% honest and wonderful!  

That is why I blog for them....because I love them!

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  1. Hello there! I am former military and I'v heard that I can get a discount for any travel. Can you guys recommend me one military travel loan company in USA? Thank you!


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