Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bucket lists and travel loans....BFF's

Everyone has a bucket list right?  Well, for the sake of sparing you from the pages upon pages that are my bucket list, this is a brief snippet of most longed for vacations.  These 8 destinations are places that make up my dreams and their cultures are ones that inspire me as a person.  For example, Bali's laid back, spiritual side is something I pull energy from everyday.  Their ideals and way of life inspires me to try to live simply, deliberately, and kindly here at home.  Then there is Croatia...ah Croatia.  I put this gem of a country on my bucket list back in high school while I sat in a coffee shop listening as a Bosnian friend of mine described the beaches, the food, the adventures, and the culture.  I still remember to this day, how inspired and amped I was to travel the world after he described that far away land to me...that was 11 years ago!  And since I have champagne taste on a beer budget,  I do believe I see a new travel loan in my future! 
Take control of your bucket list AND life by making a vow right now to travel more!  Incorporate into that vow to start letting loose, to expand your mind past your 9-5 job, kids, and chores.  Start believing in yourself and express all your interest that you have been placing aside.  You want to travel?  Then travel.  You have the ability to travel now and pay later, so go ahead and book the trip of your dreams....all you have to do it take action in controlling your happiness.  So just have to do it.  Don't be scared - commit yourself to living a more fuller life today!  Finance all the experiences you dream of through travel loans and start to breathe new life into yourself,  you will return home a new person, and the trips will broaden your way of thinking.  
If travel is what you want, then do it.  What are you waiting for??? 
These are in no particular order - I am just picking them as they pop in my head.

1. Croatia - Jewel of the Adriatic

    Time needed: 2 weeks

    Areas to visit: Pakleni Islands for crystal clear sea, hidden beaches, and deserted lagoons.

             Dalmatian Coast to explore Dubrovnik and island hop through the Elefitian Islands.

2.  Indonesia - Bali

     Time needed: 3 weeks

Areas to visit: Bukit Peninsula for world class surfing and beaches, Nusa Penida for the most off-beaten path of Indo as possible.  Then West Bali National Park for hiking, bird watching and diving.

3.  Maldives 

     Time needed: 2 weeks

     Areas to visit: South Male Atoll for surfing, night fishing, excursions to deserted islands.

4.  South Pacific Islands - Tahiti, Fiji, and the Cook Islands

     Time needed: 1 month or just move there :) 

     Areas to visit: EVERYWHERE!

5.  Morocco

     Time needed: 2 weeks

     Areas to visit: North Atlantic Coast and South Atlantic Coast for the laid back vibe, and Saharan Morocco to ride a camel!

6.  Grecian Isles

     Time needed: 2 weeks

Areas to visit: Mykonos for a more up-beat yet romantic feel then off to Santorini for rest and relaxation.

7.  Arctic Cruise

     Time needed: 11 days

     Areas to visit: Circumnavigate Iceland


8.  Madagascar - Africa - Dream destination for nature and outdoor lovers

     Time needed: 2 weeks

     Areas to visit: Everywhere but primarily the beaches and rain forests :)

If you truly are interested in living your dreams and seeing the world then check out United Military Travel's website to learn more on what their travel finance company can do for you.  They make it super easy to apply for the loan by providing an application directly on their website, but if you are more comfortable speaking with someone just call 866-582-9579.   
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