Friday, April 3, 2015

Farm Life - Hampton Virignia

Ya'll are going to be proud of me, I am keeping up with my pledge of visiting the local attractions in my area.  Yesterday, a friend of mine took me and Noah to Bluebird Gap Farm.  Located right smack dab in the middle of Hampton, literally almost next to the Hampton Coliseum, is a little slice of heaven.  The farm is a public city park and petting zoo, was designed to resemble a working farm, and features farm animals, fowl of all types, and wild animals native to Virginia.  
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Free admission, animals, swings, and a jungle gym....what else could parents ask for?!?!?
I have to say that one great thing about the Hampton Roads area is that they have devoted a lot of land to nature.  There are numerous parks, large and small, all around to provide you an oasis from the hustle and bustle of city life. 
If I had to pick a favorite about visiting the farm yesterday, I do not think that I could.  Simply because, I love all animals and each one of them makes me happy.  The horse, Mayflower, was exceptional though.  She LOVED showing us her teeth, almost like she was putting on a show.  Our boys, Noah and Mason, loved it!  
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Each one of the horses and donkey's had their own clean stall complete with a name plate. The animals are taken well care of there.
Correct me if I am wrong but don't llamasspit?  Lydia and I were super nervous about these guys as we lured them closer by shaking a tube of baby cereal!  Turns out, the alpacas were more interested in what we funny are their bubba teeth!!
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This one reminds me of a laid back, west coast, hippie for some reason....
lama  teeth 
So, not only did we have to worry about getting spit on but also...
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The horse Mayflower wanted to nibble on Mason's little fingers and he really didn't seem to mind!
Do you know if any ole person is allowed to have peacocks in their yard?  I am seriously considering getting one!
Mr. Peacock loved putting a show for our boys!  Lydia and I chirped and danced for him in hopes of making him puff such luck!
Mr. Peacock loved putting a show for our boys! Lydia and I chirped and danced for him in hopes of making him puff such luck!
Aside from the fantastic animals, the farm is educational.  At each pin or habitat for designated animals, is a plaque educating you on what they eat, what they are, etc.  Bluebird Farm provides you with the material but it is up to you to read it to you kids!  Try it, I bet you find that your kids are more interested than you think :) 
Educational SignsI loved the feel of the place too.  All around the farm were functional gardens, greenhouses, country signs, and old farm equipment that really make you feel as if you are in the country.  One thing that I often find myself craving here in Virignia is country air.  Being a small town gal and living most of my life either at the beach or in the country, city living is def a change for me.  But knowing I can escape to these places makes it all better :) 
chicken farmer
This weekend is going to be beautiful so pack up your family and head out to a local farm in your area!
Happy Friday everyone, and have a fantastic weekend!

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