Monday, April 13, 2015

Visit Richmond, Virginia

Happy Monday everyone!  This weekend I went to Richmond to celebrate my brother-in-law's marriage to the woman of his dreams!  I have been to plenty of weddings and I have to say that theirs was the most elegant, beautiful, and perfect one I have ever attended. 

 Congrats again to Stephen and Holly - #leggsforthelongholl

This was one of three times I have been to Richmond and the longest duration of time too - I fell in love.  Not sure if it was all the love in the air that hooked me or the young, vibrant, urban feel the city gives off, but Richmond has me addicted.  Every drive we took I saw more things that I wanted to do but you know how weddings have to stick to the tight schedule!  Another beautiful thing about Richmond is how central it is to the major metropolitans on the East Coast. Whether you are stationed in North Carolina, Virginia, or Maryland, Richmond would be a great weekend getaway.
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                      Urban yet country chic...
You may be thinking, "I would love to go but do not have the extra cash to spend on hotels, gas, food, and entertainment."  Thats ok, I don't either half the time but the joy of being in the Military is you can utilize United Military Travel to live a fun and exciting life!  Travel loans are the newest trend because they are revolutionizing the way people travel - they make it affordable.  Financing your airfare, car rental, hotel, Disney tickets or whatever else you need can allow you to do more on your trip that you otherwise may not have been able to afford.  Apply here to book your next weekend adventure! 
There are a multitude of reasons to visit Richmond but my favorite is the fact that you can be in the heart of the city and within a 20 minute drive be in the foothills of the mountains.  Country by day, city by night!  If you rather spend all your time in the city check out their website for all the attractions the urban city has to offer!  Next time Josh and I go back he is going to take me and Noah to Belle Isle on the James River.  "Large flat rocks surrounding the island make for good sunbathing, but the powerful Hollywood Rapids are not to be toyed with and are not suitable for swimming. Children should be supervised. Additional features include wooded trails, mountain biking trails, interpreted historical sites, wheelchair-accessible fishing at the quarry pond, and a granite wall for rock climbing." Visit here for more information. 
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Spend your day picnicking and rock hopping along the James River.

And good Lord, all foodies would be in gastronomical Heaven here - the sheer number of incredible restaurants is mind blowing!  I ate at The Hard Shell Friday for the rehearsal dinner and was so impressed!  They are known for their seafood and have repeatedly been voted best seafood in all of Richmond.  

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                         Try any of their three locations!

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