Tuesday, April 28, 2015

United Military Travel's favorite pre-deployment gifts!

This past weekend, I took Noah down to the Outer Banks to visit family because my hubby was taking his best friend off shore fishing on Saturday....who wants to spend a weekend alone????

And honestly, it was kinda a big deal because Josh and I are not away from each very often.  So you know what I did???

I left him sweet little love notes around the house for him to find each day to remind him how much we love and missed him.


I know, I am ridiculous.  But I really was sincere about how much we missed him.

I believe that if you feel something, you should always show it because we should never assume someone automatically knows.

And that got me thinking about what I would do for him if he was about to be deployed.  What sort of sweet gesture would I send him off with?
I came up with a huge list but I decided I would send multiple things so here are my favorite ones....

1.  A laminated family photo

2.  A journal

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3.  An engraved wallet insert

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4.  "Open when" cards from me and Noah

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5.  Lots and lots of phone cards

6.  Travel Loan Voucher - send him off with all the contact information for United Military Travel so when he has time off you could fly to see him or he could come home!

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7.  A perfume scent card with my signature scent on in it, wrapped in a delicate, girly envelope.

8.  A Meal Improvement Kit.  This one I found on Etsy, but you can make one yourself and include his/her favorite spices!  For guidelines and restrictions on what your solider is allowed to have, read more at Military.com

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You can find a ton of awesome gift ideas on Etsy for pre-deployment gifts, that is where these came from!

When you choose to use United Military Travel as a gift, you are choosing to give the gift of togetherness.  Financing airfare or accommodations is a great way to show how much you care and how much you want to be with the other person.  Utilizing a travel loan service allows you or your partner to travel now and pay later, creating more spending cash for the trip.  Which mean, more ways to spoil each other :) 

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