Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Motivational Tuesday - Start achieving your dreams now!

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What inspires you to follow your dreams?  What do you do each day to achieve them?  Is traveling something you hold so close to your heart that it completely takes you over?  

Its ok if it is, the human race was born nomadic, so traveling naturally is a part of us.  I do not believe that we were meant to be cooped up, restricted by things, doing only what others tell us to do.  

We were born to live free - to alway move.

If travel feeds your soul and makes you endlessly happy, it’s no longer a luxury activity. It should be viewed as an essential part of your existence, something you must do.  ~Jason / Zero To Travel 

Right now I want you to think of your ultimate dream - envision yourself living it, immersed in it, loving it, hugging it....now begin to think about what you need to do to make it happen.

Write it down...

Keep that list with you at all times and each day I want you to commit to these easy steps that will bring you closer to your dream day by day.  You have to reorganize your life if you want to see changes happen....basically you have to change your mindset.

But how???

1.  Start listening to yourself. 
 THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!  Regardless of what your dream is you have to block out all the naysayers and only listen to your heart.  You will never, ever, ever achieve your dreams if you let others talk you out of them.   Let all criticisms run off like water on a ducks back.

2.  Create a powerful daily routine 
No matter how small your routine is, it is a daily step you are taking to achieving your dreams.  I cannot stress the importance of this - this is the law of cause and effect.  Wouldn't it be so nice if everything we wanted just feel into our laps with no work involved in it?  To bad, that will never happen.  Your routine also will become a part of manifestation - with you constantly thinking of your dream and taking actions to make it happen, you are manifesting the universe with all the essentials to make your dreams a reality.  You have to be involved!

3.  Choose yourself
Do not choose your family and friends over yourself because while you are doing everything for them, they are out trying to make their dreams happen despite of what you need.  If they love you as much as they say they do, they will be happy for you and supportive.

4.  Commit
With all your heart and soul you have to commit and it will make anything tangible.  To live your dream is to do what you didn't think was possible, you have to put all your energy into turning dreams into a reality.  Do not half ass anything - give 110% all the time!  

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

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