Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 The 411 on traveling with United Military Travel...
"The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page."

First off welcome to my travel blog, that is me and my husband Josh to the left and we travel the world through United Military Travel (UMT)!  We both are guilty of being bit by wanderlust bug, we HAVE to take at least two trips a year to soothe our soul.  Traveling is a rarity for most people when it should be common and second nature.  Today, with companies like United Military Travel, exploring the world is basically placed at your finger tips...all you need is the spirit to enjoy life.  Below is some quick information on the company and why my family chose them over the others.

United Military Travel is an American owned company that specializes in 100% 
military travel financing for Military and government Personnel.  They finance both
 Active Duty and Career Retired Military members, as well as government
 employees.  Also, UMT currently works with all the major airlines and has 
negotiated contracts with major consolidators all over the world.  Reason why we
 chose UMT
Gotta love an American run company.
  1.  They require no down payment.
  2.  Offer Military discounted airfare tickets.
  3.  Offer Military discounted hotel reservations. 
  4. Offer Military discounted car reservations.
  5.  Their staff is competent, punctual, friendly, and fantastic!
  6.  They take the hassle away from dealing with the airlines - the only person you deal with is your travel consultant.  You tell them where, when, who etc and they take care of the rest.
  7.  If you have any questions about ticket details, upgrades, check-in times, international travel, baggage fees, carry-on guidelines, security guidelines, passport information, traveling with pets, infant tickets, and children traveling alone; United Military Travel is just a phone call away with answers at 866-582-9579.

What are you waiting for????????

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