Monday, April 28, 2014

Nicaragua-not just for backpackers...families too!!!

...Top 15 "Must Dos" in Nicaragua...

When I first traveled to Nicaragua through United Military Travel I was surprised to see not only young travelers but also families.  Taking a family vacation seems to be getting harder and harder these days and so obviously third world countries are becoming more attractive.  Aside from the airfare, the cost of enjoying yourself is extremely less than going to 1st world country and staying in a resort.  The accommodations in Nica, to me and my family, offer more personality, are more genuine, and fun.  And when you pair all that with the assistants of travel loans for a travel now and pay later scheme...taking a vacation is more than doable!  
When someone mentions Nicaragua, what are the first thoughts that come to your head?  Mine would be, "Oh, I love it there!" or "when do you wanna go?"  Not only is Nica a fantastic place for surfers but also nature lovers and families.  It really is such a diverse country that you can find something for everyone!  Check out my family's top 15 recommendations on the "must dos" of Nica.  Also enjoy my friend, Candace, and her families photos of their most recent trip down there!

  1. Stay on Ometepe Island
  2. Volcano Board
  3. Swim in a mineral spring
  4. Watch as many sunsets as possible
  5. Horse back ride
  6. Take a boat tour around Laguna de apoyo
  7. Find howler monkeys
  8. Visit a sea turtle nesting beach
  9. Use Salsa Verde on ALL of your food
  10. Eat at the market for breakfast in San Juan Del Sur
  11. Surf
  12. Experience Granada during the day AND night
  13. Stay either in Playa Santana or Playa Popoyo...its life changing
  14. Take a 1/2 day fishing charter
  15. Don't be afraid of new things
*Candace is a photographer for Brooke Mayo Photography, if you like her work check out their website!  

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