Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Secrets of scoring cheaper airline tickets

Does buying airline tickets stress you out????
Follow these rules to be a "happy" traveler!

It does me and that is 90% of the reason we fly through United Military Travel (UMT) - it is 
soooooo nice to have someone else search all the websites for the best deal.  It is time consuming, stressful AND sometimes a deal breaker on whether people actually take a vacation or not.  The travel consultants at UMT always take into consideration the cheapest possible itinerary for you all while not sticking you with long lay overs and cheap airlines.  I wanted to share with you some of my little tricks when booking airline tickets with our travel consultant ; tricks that help me save money and give them the best information to work with.  Here is my family's full proof method of traveling through United Military Travel

  • Shop earlier but don't always buy early.  Airlines start offering cheaper airfare about 4 months out, 5 months for international.  
  • Holiday travel is an exception to the first rule - book early!
  • Airline prices change up to 3 times a day!  So trust me when I say that booking when you travel consultant says book - you should.  Typically that means all in one phone call - not multiple ones because that is when prices jump.  They want to save you money too :) 
  • Sunday, hands down, is the MOST expensive day to travel.
  • Prices rise about 40% the week you want to travel - so again book early.
  • Most discounts and sales are offered at the beginning of the week so call UMT then.
  • Buy Tuesday and Wednesday - Fly Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
  • Be flexible on the airports you fly in and out of - that can save a ton of money! Flexibility is the main key to scoring cheap tickets!

My families motto....

So be a happy traveler not a stressed out one - enjoy the entire process, be excited 100% of the way.  Always smile because life is to short to frown :) 

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