Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sea and Stay Part 1

 Manabi  Region Ayampe - Ecuador  
Sea and Stay - Part 1

United Military Travel flew us from 
Washington, DC to Guayaquil, Ecuador in a
 meer 7 hours - ones of the most painless 
flights ever (another reason why we love 
UMT)!  Before our arrival we had arranged for 
a pick up from the hotel we were staying with;
 I highly suggest doing so to ensure safe and
 reliable transportation.
  Ecuador is broken down into providences 
and we traveled north west to the coastal region of Manabi in 
about 3 hours from the airport. 
 You could fly into Manta International Airport for a shorter 
commute to Manabi but the 
airfare is more expensive. 

My husband surfs and I am a beach bum so we chose to make 
Ayampe our 
home base for the entire 10 days, as it is one of the top surf 
destinations in Ecuador.   Ayampe to
 us is more of a holistic community rather than a town - call it a
 village if you will.  
There we stayed at La Buena Vida Bungalows,, and if you are looking for small
 personal accommodations we highly
 suggest staying there.  The owner's, Keith and Marilyn Keller,
 are from Virginia Beach, Virginia
 and provide you with American style services but in an
 Ecuadorian atmosphere.  You will see 
them and their three kids everyday and probably get to know
 them on a first name basis. Also, 
they have two dogs, Reef and Rusty and a cat named Panko.
  The dogs will be your tour guides if
 you let them and if you give the kitty bacon he will be your best

Not a surfer?  That is ok!  
Ayampe also offers yoga, mountain biking, world class fishing, 
and deserted beaches - it just takes 20 minutes to walk around 
the town to find them all :) Also, you 
can walk to the bus stop to go anywhere but we chose Puerto
 Lopez, Montanita, and a private 
beach in a Machalilla National Park. 

If you are a food junkie like me here are my restaurant 

La Buena Vida: Breakfast (which is included in stay) and salad bar for lunch
El Paso:  Lunch and dinner for local food
Finca Punta: Dinner for ceviche and jungle atmosphere
La Orisha's:  Most amazing italian food and pizza in Ayampe

Coming up...Part 2 = Puerto Lopez, Montanita, and
Machalilla National Park 

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