Saturday, December 6, 2014

Most Instagramed Places 2014

Most popular destinations of 2014

10.  San Francisco.  
You can imagine how many hast tags come out of this city since it offers some of the most beautiful landscapes and diverse activities!

9.  Las Vegas.
Even though the saying goes, "what happens in Vegas says in Vegas" people are sharing with the world their view of Sin City....well maybe not every view :)

8.  San Diego.
Whether it be sunsets, beach scenes or board walks this sea side town takes over Instagram daily!

7.  Rio de Janeiro.
Off the top of my head three things come to mind when I think of this destination: beaches, parties and Cristo Redentor statue.

6.  Moscow.
Have you been to Moscow?  Apparently a lot of people frequent there because the architecture shows up all over Instagram.

5.  Sao Paulo.
Another Brazilian city on the list....namely for the World Cup.

4.  London.
Whether it be Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Thames River etc London captures the hearts of many.

3.  Los Angeles.
Dodgers Stadium and Sunset Blvd.....need I say more?

2.  Bangkok.
Ranked #1 most photographed city in 2012 and 2013 this year it is still holding ground at #2.

1.  New York City.
 The most instragrammed city in the world!

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Have you been any of these places?  
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