Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Resolution: More Travel!!!

What is your News Years Resolution?

Among doing more sit-ups and eating better I am going to save money for traveling.

Money - the root of all evil and life.  We all wish we had more of it and we all wish that we could do more things.  
Yesterday for my birthday I wished for contentment. 

There are many ways to obtain contentment: 
meditate (this is a big one b/c being content is not easy)
try to quit complaining and speak of only of the positives
Reframe your life to reflect happiness
Quit crying over spilled milk...get a rag and clean it up.
Create ways to do things that make you happy. 
(this is where the money saving jar comes in)

A blog called Life As You Live It caught my eye because it show cased a money saving technique with a mason jar.


I also love to save money.

It is called the 52 week money saving challenge and you simply find a mason jar and print off the free printables from here and put the money in the jar each week.
The increments are just like the weeks.  Week one you put $1 and week 20 you put $20....get the jest??

At the end of the year $1,378 can buy two plane tickets,  a room in a nice resort, a killer car rental, or activities on a trip like diving the Great Barrier Reef,  finally jumping out of an airplane in Indonesia or booking an amazing world class fishing trip.

Anything you name it!
And what happens if you have your partner do one too?
That would be $2,756 at the end of year for traveling! Woo hoo!!!!!
Ya'll know me and I can do A LOT with that in Central and South America!

I am going to set up three:
We all get one :) 

Now for Noah's he is going to save in 25 cent increments putting him at $344.50 at the end of the year.
Not bad for an infant.

So combine the parent's savings plus one child that is a whopping $3,100.50.

For us the biggest bonus to Noah saving money too is that he will still be under two years old so he will fly for free.  His money will go towards something like food on the trip, souvenirs, travel accessories etc.  Regardless of what you use it for at least you have that extra cushion.

It also can be a fun way of teaching a child how to save for something and earning the money.  For Noah obviously the money will come from us but as soon as he can complete simple tasks he will earn the 25 cents himself.

What an easy and fun way to save!!!
I literally am so excited about this and cannot wait to start :) 

I feel that simple is better.  Sure we could simply put this money into a bank account each week but this is fun.  This is simple because it is laid out for you - easy peasy - you cannot go wrong. And the biggest aspect of this is to actually do it each week and put it somewhere you will see it everyday!
Lets make saving money fun and simple!

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