Saturday, February 28, 2015

Heart Like A Lion

My new inspiration board!

With a little chalk board spray paint I now have encouragement while doing dishes :) 

For me, surrounding myself with positive affirmations helps me not loose sight of what my wants and dreams are.  

This week I was with friends, who I thought lived their life through "love", but surprised me when they blatantly expressed negative thoughts that were real.  It caught me off guard and really I was disgusted to the point of not wanting to hang out with them anymore.  Primarily, because I truly thought they were loving but turns out you never really know who people are....

That was the main reason for creating something for me and Josh to see everyday.   So when we are around negative people we can come home to positivity and happy thoughts.

You are what you think, believe,!
Create a happy home!

Could not be truer!

What do you do to create a happy home?

Have you ever heard of the reggae band, Rebelution?  Well, they are amazing and their song, Heart Like A Lion, always stirs my soul and gets me motivated to work on making our dreams come true!  Music is such great inspiration!

A heart like a lion, a burning like fire
Waiting just to be set free
A heart like a lion, a burning like fire
How can I bear captivity
Some they tell me I'm a fool, a fool who walks this road alone
So afraid of making changes, remember that nothing is carved in stone
Oh tell me why we are so afraid of the secrets locked within our souls
Everything that we're made of is dying just to be exposed oh yea

So don't turn your back on yourself, cause there's nowhere to run
You know your life's ain't a practice run
It's time to wake up you're mind oh yea
For maybe tomorrow will never come or maybe it will but by then it's too late uh huh
There's nothing left to do but cry
So now you cry and you don't know why, and now you cry but you don't know why

So what you want to be now well it's time to realize
That everything you need now has been right in front of your eyes
Don't point your fingers and blame, remember it's never too late to change
Don't point your fingers and blame, remember it will be okay

Maybe your dreams are just out of reach or will take a few years to obtain but start now on achieving them.  You never know how much time you have left so seize the moment and ignore all the nay sayers!

Seven easy steps to achieve your dreams...

  • Step 1: Dream it. Everything begins in the heart and mind. ... 
  • Step 2: Believe it. Yes, your dream needs to be big. ... 
  • Step 3: See it. The great achievers have a habit. ... 
  • Step 4: Tell it. ... 
  • Step 5: Plan it. ... 
  • Step 6: Work it. ... 
  • Step 7: Enjoy it.

  • Step 4 seems to be the hardest for me because I HATE feeling like people are judging me.  A bad habit of mine is keeping everything in and sometimes even keeping my wants from my husband.  I think I do it because I fear someone will tell me it can't be done.  It literally crushes me because by the time I have gotten to the point of wanting to share, I believe in it soooo much!  

    Changing my ways begins now....

    Another favorite of mine is "Moonlight", the melody and lyrics make my heart and soul smile.

    We've been lost out here for days
    Don't worry we'll be fine if we just wait
    Let's try to relate, in our own world we'll be okay

    The clock ticks faster on these days
    And ticking tocks the way, Can love thrash hate?
    Let's try to relate, in a bright world we'll be okay

    We'll be under the moonlight
    Dancing away like two silhouettes in the sand, what a sight
    Can you see? Can you see me? Or is this a dream?

    > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

    Live your life everyday as if tomorrow may be the last.  Follow the 7 steps to achieving your dreams and remember....


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