Monday, February 16, 2015

Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Years ago one of my most successful friends told me her secret to her success.
"Surround yourself with inspiration.  Inspire yourself everyday so you never lose sight of what you want."

Does a concept that easy really work?


We all know what is deep in our hearts and what our most wildest dreams are but if we do not express them openly more than likely they will stay buried deep inside of you.

Whether you dream of climbing the corporate ladder, creating a magnificent garden, becoming a swinging trapeze artist, or lion tamer - surround yourself with it.  
[Put a picture of your dream on your desk, bedside table, and in your car.  Place inspiring quotes EVERYWHERE so each day you read them and they start to resinate in your soul.]

If you believe it with all your heart and soul and work towards it everyday your dreams will come true!

Quite obviously my ultimate dream is travel.  
But not any kind of travel.
I want to become a professional family travel blogger and live by the sea.
(We did live by the sea...we moved...and are now trying to get back)

Now that our family has expanded everything has changed and whenever I think about going somewhere, even just to a friends, it always comes down to "what does Noah need".

No, I do not wish to travel full time because we have fur babies that we cannot, CANNOT live without.  But I would like to take my family on three to four trips a year domestic and internationally for  two reasons:
1. First hand inspiration for blogs.
2. For Noah.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

The inspiration for this posts generated when I began searching for a new theme for Noah's nursery.  
We want to surround him with all the things important to us in hopes that one day he will know and enjoy the same things.
Maybe.  Maybe not.  Don't all parents do that?
He will always be able to explore whatever he finds interesting and we will always present him with the opportunities and knowledge of the world thats out there.  

My ideas:

Any of those would be great inspiration for a youngin'!

Here is a peak of my favorite daily inspiration pieces around our house...
We love sunsets and this one is of Josh in Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

I have a slight obsession with sea turtles

Sunset - Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

Our life motto....
"If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working towards it."

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