Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ocean Atlas

Welcome to the world Ocean Atlas.

This beauty is a 18 foot, 60 ton Bahamian girl who holds the weight of the ocean on her shoulders.  She can be found just off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas and was designed and built by artist and conservationist Jason decayers Taylor.  His inspiration was from the Greek Myth, Titan Atlas, who holds the celestial spheres on his back but Taylor's goal was to represent the need for ocean conservation.  
To me the sculpture's message is clear:
The health of the oceans is the most important environmental issue today and we all bear the weight of it.  NO matter if we live near the coast or not - we ALL determine the health of our oceans.  And the symbolic message of this girl taking on all the burden yourself represents the individuals, groups, and organizations that have devoted their lives to protect the most pristine element on the Earth.  

Many of the existing reefs in the Bahamas have been negatively effected by tourists.  So when Taylor designed Ocean Atlas he chose a pH-neutral material that promotes the growth of corals and other marine wildlife in hopes it would bring tourist to this new artificial reef and bring new life to the old ones.  

But why is that important?
Here is what Earth Watch has to say about the Bahamian reefs,
"Coral reefs are hugely important. They foster plant and animal biodiversity, help defend shores from storms and waves, and draw visitors to countries that depend on tourism.
But these benefits—known as “ecosystem services”—are under threat. Many reefs and the seagrass beds, mangrove creeks, and patch reefs (small reefs in shallow water) that border them suffer from global climate change, overfishing, and coastal development."

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Diving in the Bahamas is a grand experience and there are many types of dive sites to choose from.  
Just always remember to leave no foot print!!!
The third largest reef in the world, Andros Barrier Reef, resides here and is 190 miles long and houses 160 species of corals and fish.
Not only that but you can dive or snorkel blue holes, caverns, caves, and now Ocean Atlas.  

For the ultimate dive experience in the Bahamas I would recommend three different resorts:

Stuart Cove
Rid in subs with Stuart Cove!
Valentine's Resort

Or if an exclusive island is what you want Valentine's is your place!

Tiamo Resort
Dive multiple sites through their own PADI center!
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