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Military Family Travel Loans - No Child Left Behind!

"There are no seven wonders in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million." 
~ Walt Streightiff
                                This is my 3 year old niece enjoying her first sunset in Camp Bay, Africa

Travel loans are such a great thing for families with kids!  Did you know that kids fly free until they are 2 years old?  After that, no matter how tiny they are, they still cost the same as an adult.  Financing airfare is one way to ensure the whole family goes on vacation.  United Military Travel's logo is: travel now and pay later.  So what is stopping you?  Apply for you travel credit here

Just the thought of traveling with babies and toddlers can be scary, and could be enough to stop you from booking your trip.  But who deserves a get away more than you?  With a little knowledge and preparation, your much needed vacation could go over without a hitch! 
Also, do you think its fair to leave the little ones at home?  They may not have a 9-5, but in their world a little break from the norm could work wonders on them too.  As a mom, all I want in the entire world is to give my little boy the opportunities to see what is around him, past him, expand his horizons, and to know the feelings you get from traveling.  Yes, I am terrified of being mid flight at 1am and waking everyone up with a mental break down.  I can see the looks of people now, but is that enough for me to take away all the life lessons and adventures from my child.....heck no!  I would sincerely apologize to the people around me and handle the situation....people will get over it.
 I have learned a lot from my older sister, she has taken her daughter Poppy all over the world from the very beginning. 
 Now that Poppy is a toddler, it seems that the most important part of preparing her by going over these key points daily: 
* Describing where you are going
* For how long
* How far away it is 
* How you will get there
*Start a count down
* What you will be doing
*Buy a world map
* Get them excited

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I mean who could resist seeing their child this excited :)
So obviously we know what the hassles are of traveling with kids:
* They are unpredictable... Yes, they have a mind of their own but that is why we love them...right??
* More luggage...for the parents to carry...I highly suggest not checking any luggage, not matter how far you are going and for how long.  It just makes check-in harder and creates more time spent at the airport.  Only bring things that will fit on the plane.
* Another plane ticket to buy - solution - Military Travel Loan
* Finding kid friendly things to do
* Staying on a budget
and the list could go on and on....

And the advantages of traveling with kids...the things that make it all worth it!
* Make memories that last a lifetime!
* You providing your child with experiences they cannot receive at home or in a classroom.
* You get to add the dimensions of your families relationship.
* Learn things abroad that you can bring home and incorporate into your daily life.
* Sculpt well rounded and independent children that will one day do the same for their kids.

Check out this travel blog I follow, called YTravelBlog, to check out 25 tips on traveling with kids.  They sum it up perfectly!  

"Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings."
~ Rodding Carter
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This is me 20 weeks pregnant in Ecuador - already laying the foundation!
brooke mayo photography, united military travel, military travel loans, travel loans, travel now and pay later
My sweet little niece in the will never be able to hold this girl back!

To end this post I would like for you to know also that you are not alone in planning these family vacations.  United Military Travel's travel consultants know all the in's and out's of traveling with kids. Take advantage of their knowledge, and do not be shy about asking questions about Military family travel loans!  That is what they are there for - to insure your vacation is everything you could imagine.  

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