Thursday, May 7, 2015

Military Travel Loans to Cuba!

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 Have you heard?  The United States, after 50 years, has now approved ferries to run between Florida and Cuba.  Things are moving fast in ways of mending our relationship, it was just a few months ago that relations were opened back up.  The ferry services, if everything goes well, could begin operating by September 2015.  So get ready for your Havana adventure and contact United Military Travel for your military travel loan to Cuba! 

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Cuba for me is like a diamond in the ruff; I have always wanted to discover is beauty but it has always been out of reach.  I am over the moon excited for the opportunity to finally taste their sweet rum, to dance the salsa to real latin music, to feel the spice my lips from the local food, and to immerse myself in their colorful countryside.  You better believe that as soon as American's are allowed to go - I will be one of the first ones.  
I wrote about Cuba for the first time a few months ago, and upon researching the country I discovered that they already have over 2 million tourists visit every year.  That simply blew my mind.  It never really occurred to me that other countries were allowed to visit, but for much of Europe, Cuba is the hottest destination in the Caribbean.  Not only did I learn that but also learned about the secret loop-holes Americans have been using for years to visit the country.  Do you want in on the dirty little secret?  Read more here!  

If jumping through those hoops isn't really your style, just stick with your Military travel loan.  Start planning ahead of time so when September comes you have your airfare, car rental, and hotel already booked.  United Military Travel will handle all that for you, your only job is to apply for your travel credit and you can do that here.  

My biggest question is this: Will Obama also lift the restrictions on the activities Americans are allowed to participate in?  Right now, if you qualify to visit the country, you are limited to "people to people" activities and are monitored by the American Government.  So come September, will be be allowed to tour around the country as we please or will Big Brother always be watching??? 

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