Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Drones Are The Shiznit...

Inspiration finds me everyday.
Whether it is an inspiration to travel, a new DIY project, to love more or to rearrange my living room (again). 
Inspiration is everywhere. 

This past weekend my hubby was checking out OBX Surf Info and came across this video by Stu Gibson.  It is a collection of all his 2014 flights via a drone and the result is pure heart wrenching wanderlust all wrapped up into a 3 minute 39 second video.

To familiarize yourself with Stu he is a photographer from Tasmania who focuses primarily on surfing and underwater photography.

Credit: Stu Gibson

Credit: Stu Gibson
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Inspiration is here...

I like to fly from stugibson on Vimeo.

If I had the set of cajones Stu has I would make this my life.  Traveling the world to photograph the surfing industry above and below water. This video contains footage from Tasmania, Indonesia, and Fiji - all of which are places that make my heart leap just at the mention of them.  I certainly have more than enough capability to use a drone standing from the beach but to photograph in the water.....well that makes me down right nervous.  

Are you curious about these drones??

Here is the skinny.....

Drones are available to everyone no matter what your profession is.  All you have to have is around $500 for a Phantom 1 drone plus own a GoPro and you are set. 

"A compact and highly integrated design means that it is easier for you to pack it into your backpack. The streamlined design brilliantly reflects the aesthetics of its industrial design and the fantastic visual effects allows you to become the focus of the crowd. Moreover, you can mount a GoPro or other light and handy cameras on your Phantom to shoot some footage from the air which will bring you a brand new travel experience."

Basically, you can put it in your backpack on your next vacation!

See, you don't have to be in the Military to use cool tools!
Here is what a GoPro spokes person has to say about drones:

“Nearly every day here at GoPro, we’re privy to new and really amazing perspectives that our customers are capturing with the help of our cameras and drones. Whether it’s at Pipe or in Nepal, we’re constantly seeing these amazing new angles,” added Pynn. “In the past year, we’ve seen more and more people getting into it and I think you can credit a lot of that Phantom 1 drone. It’s stable, affordable, and the GPS really makes it easier for your everyday consumer to get into it.”

But before you get all excited about the possibility of making some cash off your future epic videos and photos understand this.  
The federal government, more specifically the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has quickly made it illegal to sell photos or videos captured by drones.  
Honestly, I can see why.  Not all folks out there would want a drone for surf or travel videography but rather more scandalous reasons. I can imagine secret activities being recorded unknowingly then sold to black market people. 
 So the FAA is probably doing us a favor!

I want one just for recreational use (completely legal) - I think my son would just love it and it could turn your regular old family videos into epic memories.
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When United Military Travel books your next vacation make sure you bring your drone along to create sick a** memories!!!!

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