Thursday, January 15, 2015

Top 2015 Honeymoon Idea

If you are getting married this year, congratulations!!!!
I got married last February and after all the craziness the best part of everything was the honeymoon :) 

It was literally the shining light for us and what kept us going.
Daily conversations would be: "Its okay babe, just remember ten days in Ecuador, ten days in Ecuador."
Thats all it took to make me smile!

And trust me when I say, this is the only time people will pull together to send you on a trip so make it count!!!

I want to show you the trending ideas for 2015 

Intimate Boat Trips
If you general idea of a cruise scares you try a smaller luxury vessel that only accommodates 50-100 passengers at a time.  Seabourn is a prestigous, award winning, intimate cruise line that offers you exclusion while it takes you to some of the most sought after destinations in the world.  Or if you rather go on adventure cruise try The Oberoi Zahra which is a weeklong luxury cruise on the Nile River that accommodates a Egyptologists to explain the country's history.  And not only that you can take your pick from their four massage suites!  Then there is always a cruise through Antartica with National Geographic.  Need I say more???

Seabourn Indoor Pool

Active Honeymoons
This is a broad title I know but with health and fitness becoming much more popular each day couples are choosing destinations where they can test their bodies and practice what they love.  Among those top destinations are surfing destinations like Nicaragua, Indonesia and Hawaii.  Others also head to places where they can climb rock sheers, camp in rain forests or hike for days.  If you rather expend your energy at the swim up bar - these are not for you!

Gastronomical Trips
Yes it is what it sounds like.  Food tours.  For all of you obsessed with Top Chef and culinary experiences you should book a food tour through any of the world's culinary capitals.  One the tour you can experience a 12 course tasting menu, wine bars and taste all of the most fresh local produce of the region you choose.  
If this interest you head to the most obvious location, Paris for tapas style portions of classics like foie gras (duck liver) paired with a delectable wine.  Or if you rather head to the Maya Riviera region of Mexico for a tequila tour thats fine too - Yes, you will eat food too :) 


Once In A lifetime Trip
You know what I am talking about.  Head to Indonesia, the Maldives, Africa, Thailand, tour Australia and New Zealand etc.  Anything that you would not usually plan for a vacation do now!  People are helping you pay!
Oh and while you are at it - take a couple months off.  You only honeymoon once (supposedly).
Imagine yourself staying in a private house in Bali where you can bounce all over the region for a month.  
My favorite idea would be to book a multi destination trip that takes you to two or more countries.

You could handle that right?

Volunteer Honeymoons
This certainly is not for everyone and honestly only the most sincere people who love the world would do this.  Green trips have been trending for a while now but would you be willing to gift up your free time on your honeymoon?  
I would.
Companies like the Ritz-Carlton and Sandals provide opportunities to give back where you can donate a half day for charity work.
So please do not thing that you have to travel to some eco resort in the middle of nowhere to do this.  Just inquire where you choose to stay and if they don't offer it maybe your inquiry will lead them to offer volunteer opportunities!
Ritz Carlton
River Cruises
These are similar to the small luxury cruises mentioned earlier but these stay inland.  So if you want to cruise but want smoother sailing try a river cruise.  You can explore places like China, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland...just about anywhere throughout Europe, Asia and Egypt. 
Check out the most popular river cruise company, Viking.  Their trips are all inclusive and they just added 18 brand new vessels to their fleet!

Eco-tourism Honeymoons
If you all read my posts daily then you know I am all about making a minimal impact on my surroundings when traveling.  You can think of me as a eco-conscious traveler.  When you choose to travel like this you will experience being completely off the grid and self sustainable.  
How awesome to know that you can live directly off what the Earth provides you instead of man.
You will find eco resorts all over the world so choose where you want to go and then search for eco resorts. 

Eco resorts can be luxurious too
> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 

Almost a year ago United Military Travel sent us on our honeymoon to Ecuador and did a fantastic job of finding great airfare with minimal layovers and killer accommodations.  
If you want more information on how they can send you on your honeymoon call them today at 866-582-9579!

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