Thursday, January 8, 2015

Spring Break Is For Grown Ups Too!

Spring break...not just for college students.

While they may have taken over majority of the Caribbean destinations during the months of March and April there are still places where its "adults only"!

Well, not really "adults only" but at least you can pick destinations that are not crawling with beach bars and chain restaurants.  
If you want to have a spring break to I would head a little off the beaten path to a place for simple R&R.

But it is time to start planning your spring escape because trust me, all the college kids have.  Figure out when you can break away from the hustle and bustle and call United Military Travel to book your vacation!

First: Where to avoid....
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Cancun, Mexico
Hilton Head, SC
Las Vegas, NV
Negril, Jamaica
Disney World
Daytona Beach, FL
Panama City Beach, FL
Caribbean Cruises
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

(these destinations are still amazing just not during spring break)

Instead try these....
Hollywood, Florida

Just fifteen minutes away from Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood is a haven for nature lovers.  Home to North Beach, a beach that supports turtle hatcheries and other eco friendly activities such as kayaking through mangrove channels.  You can easily loose yourself among Florida's natural ecosystem.  And for the city dwellers, no worries just make day trips to the city.  

Tulum, Mexico

This secluded white powder beach on the tip of Riviera Maya is set amongst Mexican jungles and Mayan ruins instead of boozed out college students and MTV's center stage for debauchery.  But if you are into that Cancun is only two hours away....just make sure you have a driver or book a room.  This former hippie outpost has become Mexico's most stylish yet affordable destination. 

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

I honestly had never head of this island but then again I may not be from the "high cotton" that frequents here.  It ranked higher than Hilton Head as a resort island which is hard to do but it is probably because of the world renowned golf courses, pristine expansive beaches and exotic wildlife.  Take trips to Charleston while you are there!

Henderson, Nevada

Believe it or not Las Vegas is not the only town that exists in Nevada.  Henderson is the second largest city that is just 20 minutes away from Sin City but rather than flashy casinos and mods of people it offers activities for the outdoorsy types like birding, mountain trails and biking around Lake Mead.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Many people describe Treasure Beach as "what Negril was 30 years ago".  You will not find a single Margaritaville restaurant but rather casual beach shacks playing soft reggae music that reaches you on through the wind.  If you are attracted to Negril for cliff diving you will still enjoy Treasure Beach.  Take your pick from any of the peaceful coves and bays, mineral springs, waterfalls, and hiking trails.

Disney Cruise

During spring break the happiest place in the world (Disney World) turns into the most hectic place in the world.  Why not set sail on a Disney Cruise and let your kids enjoy the kid's club while you and your hubby enjoy the "adult club".  All the disney characters will be onboard too so your kids will not miss their chance to get autographs from their most favorite character.  Plus, you will get the Disney experience along with seeing multiple destinations.
I personally love cruises.  

Palm Beach, Florida

Ok so Palm Beach is a bit preppy for me....I am more a bohemian hippie but if you want to stay on the Atlantic Coast of Florida but want to avoid all the Nascar Fans Palm Beach is for you.  Throw yourself into the high life for a week and pamper yourself!

Apalachiocola, Florida

Never heard of it?  Thats ok....some of the best destinations are ones you have never heard of because that means others have not too.  But this sleepy town is just a few minutes outside of Panama City and offers moss-strewn live oaks and seafood.......really, really good seafood!

A cruise to anywhere except the Caribbean

Head to South America, Europe or even North America....just not the Caribbean.  If you have a little extra time fly to a port located in Spain or Italy and cruise around the Mediterranean or eat legit Spanish capers off the coast of Spain.  

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 

United Military Travel books all airfare, hotels, cruises, car rentals and travel accessories....give them a call now!!

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