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Every Drop Counts!

Surfrider Foundation, Every Drop Counts, Save The Planet
Source: Surfrider Foundation
World Water Day
March 22, 2015

How many of you know what World Water Day is?  Have you heard of it before or much less taken part?

Organizations like the Surfrider Foundation, UN Water, and Waterday strive to bring the world together just for one day out of the 365 that we consume it by asking that we celebrate what is so essential to us.  Millions and millions of people around the world, each day, take for granted their ability to access unlimited quantities water anytime they want.  World Water Day is intended to reach out to those millions and educated them that many communities, villages, and individuals abroad and at home do not have that luxury.   
We have the means to make the difference by starting in our homes.  
Water literally is the key to ALL life yet day in and day out the majority of the world showers, runs their dish washer, etc without ever understanding where their water came from or where it goes.  What we do here on land can either harm or help our oceans but it truly is up to us.  Take a life long pledge on March 22 to conserve water the best you can and help educate others the importance of water conservation!
You may not have everything you want, desire, or need, but if you have daily access to clean water consider yourself privileged.
Never take for granted your accessibility to clean water.

"The moment that gave you so much joy you couldn't help but jump up and down. The time you were so inspired by hope it brought tears to your eyes. The day you said you would remember forever. For many, the day they get access to safe water is one they will never forget."

How to make World Water Day count!
Also, good daily practices...

1.  Skip your shower!
On average each shower you take used 40 gallons of water.  Save 40 gallons just for one day!

2.  Skip the dishes!
For every minute your faucet is running it uses 2 gallons of water and the average dishwasher uses 6 gallons of water per cycle.  So which is better?  It is all relative.  Are you a person that lets the water run the ENTIRE time you wash dishes even when you them in the dish washer?  Do you do a quick rinse and cut the water off between dishes?  Do you hand wash exclusively and still cut the water off between dishes?  
The most efficient way is to NEVER let your water run constantly.  What is the point to let perfectly good water run down the drain while you are putting a dish into the dishwasher?

3.  Cut off water while brushing teeth and shaving, washing your hands.
This simple practice should be done everyday.  Did you know that if each time your brush your teeth you could save 8 gallons of water a day or over 200 gallons a month.  Literally, that is enough to fill a huge fish tank with six small sharks in it!

4.  Look for leaks!
A super simple way, and fun way for kids, to check for leaks is by putting a few drops of food coloring in the tank and if it shows up in the bowl WITHOUT flushing then you have a leak.
A leaky toilet may not seem like a big deal but it could be like flushing 50 extra times a day!  
To put into perspective for you a older toilet uses anywhere from 5-7 gallons per flush whereas new toilets 1.2 - 1.6 gallons.  Regardless, old or new if you have a leak that is a lot of wasted water each day!!!

5.  Revamp your garden
Did you know that collecting rainwater is one of the best ways to water your garden?  Also, that watering in the morning and at night is the best because mid-day the water evaporates faster than it can soak in.  On March 22 revamp your garden by adding a rainwater collector!

Herbal Academy of New England

6.  Ride dirty
Is your car in need of a good washin'?  Wait until after World Water Day and choose a car wash that recycles their water or do it yourself.  Best tip for washing your bike or car is to SKIP THE HOSE!!! A hose can waste 6 gallons of water a minute so grab your bucket and sponge and smile knowing you only used a few gallons!

7.  Give the gift of water
Choose a local or global organization and donate.  It does not have to be a reoccurring donation or a substantial one - $10 would suffice but just make one.  What is $10 to you?  A six pack or two trips to a fast food joint?  Save it for a small child who has not had clean water in a week.  

8.  Go paperless
Did you know Reduce the amount of paper you put in the recycling bin by paying bills online and requested no junk mail.  How?  Visit the Federal Trade Commission website to learn how! 

Do you know what water is???
Water is health.
Clean hands can save your life.
Water is nature.
Ecosystems lie at the heart of the global water cycle.
Water is urbanization.
Each week, one million people move into cities.
Water is industry.
More water is used to manufacture a car than to fill a swimming pool.
Water is energy.
Water and energy are inseparable friends. 
Water is food.
To produce two steaks you need 15,000 liters of water.
Water is equality.
Each day, women spend millions of hours carrying water.

Why should you care???
Because over 884 million people lack access to clean water.  That is  almost three times the population of the United States!  
And YES, the Unites States is effected by water shortages.  Some counties in California already have to bring in bottled water just to bathe their kids.  

Nearly two-thirds of the world's population will experience a water shortage by 2025!

Act now to protect your future, your child's, and future generations!

On March 22 pledge your commitment to water for LIFE!!!

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