Thursday, March 12, 2015

One Kicka** Travel Blogger!

World of Wanderlust (WoW) is the life and adventures of Brooke Saward for all the world to share.  Brooke is amazing and her blog is incredibly inspirational, she could motivate a anti-travel activist to get out and see the world just by her personal photos!  She has made a name for herself also by her style, take note in all the cute hats she wears!

Her recent adventures, SINCE JANUARY, include:
 Hiking Cradle Mountain Overland Track, galavanting through Singapore, immersing herself in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, exploring Tasmania, sunning in Fiji, biked through Bali, and took a cruise from Dubai to Australia stopping in India, Malaysia, and Thailand!  

When you visit her website you will immediately get sucked into looking through the different destinations and types of travel she has experienced.  Honestly, after viewing her photographs, you will feel as if you have been to all the places because the photos are so intimate.  WoW is a great website if you want to live vicariously through someone!

World of Wanderlust

But I feel in order to describe the awesomeness I need to share some of her photos because that is what initially made me visit her website.
All photos are credited to Brooke Saward sourced from her Facebook page.

Happy Thursday everyone, I hope Brooke's adventures inspire you to start living your dreams!!!

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