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Outward Bound

"There is no place on earth like a spot on an Outward Bound crew"

Last night I was talking to my mother-in-law about why we only feed our son organic food.  We want to lead by example a healthy lifestyle so he knows know different, so he knows organic as the only way.  As a new mother, I have began to notice how some things that I used to value have no value at all anymore, and what I value the most is the ability to teach, provide, and love our little boy. 

We want nothing but the best for him, so when I came across a quote from the founder of Outward Bound I immediately knew that when Noah is of age he will be apart of this adventure school.

“There are three ways to win the young. There’s persuasion, there is compulsion and there is attraction. You can preach at them: that is the hook without the worm; you can order them to volunteer: that is dishonest; you can call on them, ‘you are needed,’ and that appeal hardly ever fails.” – Kurt Hahn

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[There is no place on earth like a spot on an Outward Bound crew. Here, in unfamiliar physical and social environments; here, surrounded by demanding natural beauty; here, furnished with a set of real-life problem-solving tasks, students start to overcome doubts, bounce back from failures and become more resilient, capable and passionate individuals.
Amidst temporary disorientation and ambiguity - driving rain, crumpled maps, unfamiliar crewmates and a sputtering campfire - students adapt. Incrementally, they begin to apply newly mastered skills to new situations. Moments of reflection reveal newfound self-confidence: glimpses of undiscovered interests and paths not yet taken.
Students return home the same, but changed. They are attentive to their surroundings; observant of the natural world – be it urban block or suburban yard; be it the classroom, family room or boardroom. They listen as a peer or family member finishes a thought. They actively seek feedback – and then reflect on what they have heard. They are less likely to say “no,” more likely to engage in mindful learning, and predisposed and unafraid to dream big.]

“March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns or the sharp stones on life’s path.” — Kahlil Gibran

Would you send your child out on a wilderness adventure?  
What Outward Bound teaches our children is basically the foundation of what every parent themselves wants to teach their child.  But since most of us are not capable of taking them out into the wilderness to learn these invaluable life lessons, Outward Bound will do it for us.  
Their mission is to sculpt the younger generations for a brighter future.   

Who is it for???
Starting at age 12 all the way up to adults.
They offer programs for:
Middle school
High school
Gap year/semester
Instructor development
Struggling teens and young adults
Grieving teens

When I was in middle school I participated in something similar but they were mission trips through our church.  We went to Costa Rica with a mission to improve the actual structure of the church and sleep on the floor of the sanctuary the entire time.  I gained so much from my experiences going abroad and helping others at a young age and many of the lessons learned I see used today. 

Outward Bound is such a great alternative to family travel than the typical vacation.  If you and yours enjoy adventure and are always looking for different experiences, this is definitely for you!  Imagine you child returning to school and being asked what they did over summer vacation.  How many kids do you think can say they hiked through the Andes or kayaked the Great Lakes??

Its never to early to start making your child's life extraordinary!

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