Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Virignia Zoo, Norfolk

Who else out there is a sucker for a zoo?  I am completely obsessed, but I am also the person that wants one of each animal and live on a big farm! 
 Throughout many of my solo adventures, if there was a zoo in the city, I went to it.  What better way to spend your afternoon than wandering through exotic animals?  Often times, when traveling alone, it can get lonely and you can get tired of eating alone.  But when you are at a zoo, you are never alone and it is ok to just sit back and stare off while observing the animals.  

Today I went to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk with Noah, my sister, two nieces, Hilo, and his mama.  What a fantastic day!  Hanging with this group anywhere is a recipe for fun but at a especially at a zoo!

My sister and her girls have been in Chile for the past month dodging exploding volcanoes and wandering through Chilean vineyards so having them back Stateside is a real treat!  

Last year they went to Africa for a month and so today, Poppy was intrigued to see animals from Africa in Virginia. The primary lesson for the kids was educating them on why zoos are important for animal conservation efforts and also explaining where each animal was from. 

To a child "their world" is the whole world so any chance you get to talk about far away places you should.  It is easy for them to assume a lion lives in the forest here when they have no idea Africa exists! 

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I took a pledge today and it was to start thinking more locally as opposed to globally.  My head is ALWAYS on a different continent when it needs to be focused on where I am currently.  So starting today, me and my family are going to visit all the local attractions by the end of the year.  After doing a quick search of what south east Virginia offers, many of the attractions are free!  I bet you would find the same in your area....just take a look, get out, and support your local businesses and community.  

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