Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gen Z,Y,X, or Baby Boomer? How Do You Book Travel?

The generational differences are pretty obvious from baby boomers to generation Z, but especially when we look at wellness, careers, and travel habits.  

There are four types of demographics:

Gen Z
AKA the iGeneration, the youngest children of baby boomers.  They were born into the age of internet and are glued to electronics and mobile devices.  This generation is much more likely to book all means of travel via the internet.

Gen Y
AKA millennials or echo boomers, born of baby boomers between the years 1982 and early 2000's.  They are the digital nomads, the generation who helped create the internet and watched it transform.  Generation Y knows probably has booked travel with travel agents and independently.  

Gen X
AKA latchkey kids, also a product of baby boomers this demographic contains 44 million people born between 1965 and 1980.  Travel agency were the preferred method in booking travel and many probably still use them along with researching the internet.

Baby boomers
These are people whose parents lived through WWII and are now in their 50's and 60's.  They are work-centric, independent, goal oriented, and competitive.  Travel agents all the way!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
When it comes to traveling each generation has its own reasons, style, goals, and methods so you can imagine how hard it is for travel companies to cater to all age groups.  For instance, baby boomers who want to book a vacation but do not know how to navigate online travel booking websites.  How would they look up the different hotels in an area if they did not have the internet?  Most likely, they would call a travel agent or use a phone book to find the general number to a specific hotel to then find out their different locations.  Each company nowadays has to provide apps, 24/7 access, and actual people to speak with to accommodate all needs.  

My brother is part of the gen Y era and can basically navigate an entire city or country just using phone apps on his smart phone.  Crazy right?!?  That really is an impressive feat because requires knowing how to utilize technology.  
Me on the other hand...well, I am more of a stop and ask for directions kinda gal.  Don't get me wrong, I def use the Maps app but sometimes you really cannot beat directions straight from a local source.  

What is your preferred method of booking a trip?  

My point to all this is that the methods for booking travel have evolved so rapidly that it has kind of made it difficult for baby boomers to go on adventures.  For example, my dad, 66, and step-mom, 54, want to take a trip but they literally have no clue how to book it.  They would prefer a travel agency to do it for them but they are a dying breed.  So basically, their lack of experience on the internet is stopping him from taking a vacation.  Another example, my neighbors, who are both in their 40's, had me book their car rental, hotel, and flight to Florida because they did not know how.  
Well, let me take that back.  They knew how but were not comfortable doing it on their own. 

Another question, do you prefer real time information or look to your fellow traveler's reviews before booking?  
What is important to you?

Reviews are a huge factor when we book hotels and also when we dine out.  We value the opinions of others and def let that influence where we choose to spend our money!

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