Tuesday, March 24, 2015

United Military Travel - Travel Loans

Welcome to the new United Military Travel blog!!!  It has gotten a much needed face lift - check it out here!  But do not worry, its still me, Allie, reporting all the fun and exciting travel opportunities to you!  For those of you who have been following me over the past year, THANK YOU!  And for the newbies, welcome to United Military Travel (UMT) - your life is about to get much more exciting now that you have entered the world of travel loans.
Lets just recap who UMT is and what they can do for you...
First, UMT is an American owned company that specialized in 100% travel financing for active duty and career retired Military and also Government personnel.  They work with all the major airlines and have negotiated contracts with the major consolidators are the world to bring you the best travel deals out there.  Along with booking travel, they also offer a wide variety of travel accessories and home goods like tablets and cameras to tools, baby items, furniture, and electronics.
Why do all UMT clients love them???
1.  No down payment is required.
2.  They offer discounted airfare, hotel, and car reservations.
3.  The entire process is easy and streamline - no hassle whatsoever!
4.  The staff - they are competent, friendly, precise, punctual, and FANTASTIC!
5.  UMT makes booking a trip easy and fun by taking all the stresses off you and delivering to you the exact trip you wanted.  Military travel loans are the new way to see the world and simply get to where you need to be.  Here are the reviews on United Military Travel, read what your fellow travels have said!
united military travel review
Each customer gets only the best service from our travel consultants to make their travel booking process the easiest as possible!
How do you benefit from financing your vacation????
Do you suck at saving money and feel that you can never take a vacation because bills, and unexpected issues always pop up?  I do!  My primary excuse for not traveling is, "I just don't have the money right now...." so essentially I let life get in the way of living life.  When you finance travel, yes you do have to pay interest, but by creating an opportunity to pay off a trip monthly or semi-monthly, rather than all at once, it opens a world of opportunities to you...literally!
A trick to avoid paying interest:  
Some of their lenders (not all of them) offer a 90 day same as cash "interest free period" that lets you pay extra on the loan to pay it off early.  That means, if you pay off the entire loan within 90 days you do not have to pay any interest.  But, if you pay it off in 91 then you are responsible for the interest on all 91 days.  If you pay if off early but not in the 90 day window you still have to pay the interest but their is no penalty for prepayment.
Not all United Military Travel lenders offer a 90 day same as cash contract.  This a blog and the legal information pertaining to the contract can be reviewed on the contract.  The information in the blog is just my opinion, not legal financial advise or disclosures.  

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