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9 Of The Best FREE Travel Apps

Lets face it - not everyone is going to go off the grid when they vacation.  I personally take my phone with me but try to only call home ONCE while away....its called a vacation for a reason.

But I also recognize that its handy and that a lot of people love having their technology with them at all times.

United Military Travel offers a plethora of travel accessories that can help you access any of these apps.  So when you book your trip with them inquire on how you can get a tablet to go with you on vacation!   

For that reason here is the top 9 Free travel apps

1.  XE Currency Converter
Apple, Android, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Firefox OS
Have you ever found yourself in foreign country contemplating buying a momento and wondering if you are getting ripped off?  Trying to do math in your head while getting the stink face from the vendor  is never easy.  This is prime example of when using this handy dandy app would help.  XE Currency Converter allows you to compare over 180 currencies and here is the BEST part of this app...
You can use it OFFLINE because it saves the last available rates!

2. Onavo Extend
Apple, Android
One reason I do not use my phone when traveling is because I am TERRIFIED of the data charges that I may rack up....just to check Facebook - totally not worth it!
This app lets you keep track of your data by using cloud servers to compress the data you use.  I honestly have no idea what that means but I do know that when you compress data you do reduce the quality of images etc.  When surfing the web this app will let you know how much data each page, app, and email will use saving your wallet when you get home.

3.  Around Me
Apple, Android, Windows Phone
I could have used this app when I was driving through California and needed cash.  The only ATM I could find was at a sketchy gas station in a bad neighborhood and it ended up taking $20 from me!  So this app in good domestically and internationally.
Not only does this app locate ATMS but anything else you need/want.  It allows users to browse what is nearby and quickly locates anything from the nearest hospital to bars and coffee shops.  Not only that but it will provide reviews from Yelp and FourSquare users!

4.  TripIt
Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7
If you have ever planned a trip you probably remember the amount of research you did and having to save all the confirmation emails on the bookings you did ahead of time.  This app allows you to organize your entire itinerary by forwarding all your emails to the app.  Along with the organization, you can add notes, phone numbers, confirmation numbers, addresses, etc and can operate with any company you book with.  

5.  WiFi Finder
This app does exactly what the title implies - it finds WiFi in 145 countries with a database of over 890,000 free and pay hotspots.  This is immensely helpful because it can help cut down on data charges and giving you options other than the local coffee shop to surf the web.  Not only that but you can filter your search to what kind of location you are looking for ie. a library, restaurant, park etc. 

6.  TuneIn
Apple, Android, Windows
If you love music this app is for you!  TuneIn allows you to listen to over 100,000 live radio stations from around the world, wherever you are.

7.  Viber
Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone
This app is great for when you are traveling for a long period of time and make friends or when you have to be in contact with home while away.  It banishes the days of high phone bills from calls and messaging abroad.  It allows you to send messages, pictures and make phone calls to OTHER VIBER USERS wherever they are in the world.  All for free but it will use data so make sure you take use it when connected to WiFi.

8.  Hotel Tonight
Apple, Android, Windows Phone
I personally would use this app because I HATE planning a trip out before I even arrive at my destination.  The way I travel I never know if when I am going to arrive, leave, stay, etc so this is a fantastic app for the sporadic traveler that hates to commit but still wants a well-priced hotel when ready.  Hotel Tonight's last minute options allow you to take advantage of great prices and even book a room up until 2am.  It is available in most large western European cities, as well as Canada, Mexico, and the USA. 

9.  Hostelworld
Apple, Android
Again, another app I would use because I LOVE hostels.  So depending on if I wanted to a little bit of "luxury" I would use Hotel Tonight but if I needed to save money I would use this app.  Its data base has access to over 35,000 properties in 180 countries with 3.5 million reviews so this simple app lets you track down cheap, high-quality hostel dorms with little fuss!

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