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United Arab Emirates - What you need to know before you go

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Fun fact about me:
 The United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly Abu Dhabi and Dubai, fascinate me on all levels - from their religious practices, their wealth, their ideals, architecture, and lavish ways.  
Those are the things that come to my mind when I think of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.....others probably think differently.  

This week we are going to explore these foreign lands

starting off with....

Their rules and laws...aka how to NOT get arrested on vacation :) 

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In general know this:

The UAE is not a democratic country: it is a federation of absolute hereditary monarchy.

The UAE follows strick muslim laws and also Sharia Law
Sharia: to arabic speaking people sharia means the moral code and and religious law of prophetic people. 

Western laws differ dramatically from theirs

*According to the UAE's Ministry of Interior 999 magazine, "only one third of 2,000 respondents surveyed said they set aside time to find out more on the local culture." 

The most common laws visitors need to follow:
1. No kissing, No touching
Holding hands may be OK, but kissing and petting is NOT

2. No swearing or making indecent gestures
You will be fined or imprisoned for expressing yourself that way

3. No taking pictures of others without permission

4. Disrespecting any religion
It is deeply offensive to commit blasphemy or sacralige against any religion
The 999 magazine warns tourists that "it is important to be aware of these rules, as religious values may not be the same all over the world. When a newspaper contains the name of the Prophet (PBUH), do not use it as wrapping paper.  When you hear the call for prayer, do not disrupt its sound in an obvious way.  Do not forget that during Ramadan rules are different all together."

5. No sharing private space with the opposite sex
*Strictly speaking sharing space of a house, car, hotel room with a person that is not family or husband or wife is strictly prohibited.

However, for a tourist booking a hotel room for an unmarried couple is easily done, along with booking villas etc.  The punishment depends on the situation.  

6.  No indecent clothing

7.  You cannot drive with ANY alcohol in your system - you will go to jail

8.  Playing loud music in public areas is unlawful

9.  Drugs, firearms, and porn are also illegal

10.  If you do break the law you are NOT entitled to legal representation or consular help - simply put...DO NOT BREAK THE LAW

To learn more about local laws click here 

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So if your general idea of traveling to these nations makes you nervous because of the preconceived notions that they are super strict and will throw you in jail....take notes from my blog on how to have a FANTASTIC vacation there.  Their land is beautiful and there is not a single reason to NOT choose them as a destination - you only live once.....don't be a chicken!

Next up: Go With Me To Abu Dhabi!!!!

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