Thursday, July 24, 2014

Travel accessories by United Military Travel

One of the perks of booking travel through UMT is that you can also use your approval to get travel accessories.
So once decide on where you want to go, start thinking about what electronics you are going to need.

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Is your trip going to be action packed that a GoPro would come in handy?

Maybe you have kids that need to be entertained. 

Or is it you that can't sleep on a plane and having tablet or portable gaming system will help pass the time?

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Check out these common questions asked by our customers:
Q. What name brand electronics does United Military Travel offer financing for?
A. United Military Travel carries the most respected brands of electronics, which can be rolled directly in to your online travel loan. Some of the name brands we offer electronic financing for include the following: Apple, Sony, Hp, Compaq, Toshiba, Samsung, Amazon Kindle, Kodak, Nikon, Panasonic, & much more.
Q. Can I use my travel loan approval for the purchase of electronics only?
A. Yes, you can use your entire loan approval for the purchase of electronics. There is still no down payment required for your electronics loan.

Even if you are not planning any travel you can still update your electronics collection by using one of UMT's military loans.  Your approval amount is yours to do whatever you want to with - so get the laptop or digital camera you have been dreaming about for months....what is stopping you?
You definitely need to check out their website to view everything they offer - do that here!

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Call in today to speak with one of their friendly travel consultants!

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