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Yurting Internationally - - - let the fun begin!!!

Yurts...aka nomadic lodging

 those four words to me are what honey is to bees...

Yes, I know
I need help...but
this is what happens when you are bitten by the wanderlust bug...

I have never yurted internationally and in the last post I promised to go over some of the most attractive "nomadic lodges" so here we go from 1 to 5 
 1 being my most fav 
5 being my least but I still want to go

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1. Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

Consider a small tented enclave in the middle of a pachyderm preserve.  The site does not have any running water, no indoor plumbing, no fence, and no guarantee you won't have to chase a baboon out of your tent.  On the plus side: an introduction to and the opportunity to live among 45 elephant families that wander the preserve, one or two which are usually around the camp! 
I am officially obsessed!
Learn more here!

2.  Hoopoe Yurt Hotel - Andalusia, Spain

Andulusia is a nation of Spain that is broken into 8 providences -  Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaen, Malaga, and Seville.  
You have the Atlantic Ocean, Strait of Gibraltar, and the Mediterranean at your finger tips along with two mountain ranges to choose from.  
Why not spend your vacation here in a yurt....sounds like a fantastic idea to me!
The Hoopoe hotel itself offers solar-powered yurts that are set on their own private acre in olive groves and cork oak forests.  Guests can choose from five styles of yurts ranging from a traditional Mongolian structure to an Afghani yurt framed with willow poles.
There website is beautiful, check it out here!

3.  Okuti Garden - Christchurch, New Zealand

When I envision New Zealand I envision nature at its most beautiful.  Sweeping mountain ranges and picture perfect valleys.  Why not stay in nature at a eco-lodge when visiting the majestic country.  You do not have to be a hippy or a tree hugger to appreciate this place.  At Okuti Garden you have the option of staying in a tipi, yurt, or house truck and you will share a communal kitchen but everything is clean, comfortable, and affordable.  View their website here.

4.  Welcome Beyond - Patagonia, Chile

Its more like welcome to paradise if you ask me!  This lodge is located on Lake Torro and offers 18 yurts that have private bathrooms, a private terrace, heating, and either a king bed or two singles.  Also, all the decor is locally made woven fabrics and handcrafted furniture.  
For those of you NOT familiar with Patagonia it is a region located at the southern end of South America and consists of the Andes Mountains so just the located of the site offers you a world of outdoor activities!
Learn more here!

5.  Greece Yurt Holidays - Kalamta, Greece

This GORGEOUS yurt lodge sits on 2,500 square meters of land with olive trees, flowers, shrubs, and vegetables.  The closet village is only 5 minutes aways on foot and the sea is just 4km away.  Kalamta, the nearest town has been named Europe's most livable city.  The Paralia is lined with cafes, taverns, and restaurants.  Enjoy your surroundings with the sea at your face and mountains at your back!
Read more here!

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As always you know who to call to book your yurting vacation!  
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