Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My "Must Have" Travel Products

Majority of my trips last about a month and there are certain products that just make the trip better.  These are my favorite travel products:

Mini Travel Speaker

This is for all music lovers.
For a while my hubby and I did not travel with one and when we wanted the volume from our iphone to be louder we simply placed it glass cup.  That method works but is far less suitable than an actual speaker.  One thing that I hate is laying on a beach and trying to listen to music but it is not loud enough so only the people laying next to it can hear it.  Another example of when I could have used one: at our rental house in Granada, Nicaragua.  We could not figure out how to use the surround sound speakers so we resorted back to phone in the cup method.  
Needless to say we always travel with a mini travel speaker now.
* I do not suggest only bringing a bluetooth one because what if you do not have access to wifi???

Portable tablet of any kind
Why?  Because they are lighter than a laptop, more discrete, lighter and versatile.  
When I visited Australia I brought along with my laptop and that was a mistake.  My book bag was always so heavy and it took up so much room that half the time I left it behind and just wished for a tablet.  
It is nice to be able to lounge by the beach and do whatever it is you want to do on a tablet whereas if you set up with a lap top you would like a major nerd.
Don't be a nerd.

Wovii Towel

This Australian made towel is the best ever travel accessory.  It is bright, light weight, compact, super, super absorbent, mega soft and dry quick.  My experience in packing towels for a trip is that I NEVER have enough room so I end up packing it in my carry on which takes up the majority of room in that.  But these are fantastic!  I really think that having a good, hassle free towel while traveling is under estimated and with these you can also use it as a blanket anywhere you are because it will fit in your book bag no problem!

A killer travel backpack
For those of you who follow me know that I HATE checking luggage!

The REI Vagabond 40 is my backpack of choice.  When choosing one I want versatility, something that will hold all my luggage, can  travel as a carry on, has a waist strap, and can also be used as a day bag for the beach or hiking adventures.  

I typically do not travel to cold weather destinations - I prefer sunny and warm so the shoes I need are minimal.  
Come to think of it my motto on life is: 
"keep things simple". 
My go to shoes are:

Sanuk Yoga Spree 2


Toms Classics

Whatever your style is keep in mind that you should always wear the bulky and awkward pair while physically traveling to take away from the weight in your luggage and to free up space.  You can take them off while on the plane and change as soon as you land.  
Or take a pair of shoes with you that you want to get rid of, buy a new pair while away and give your shoes to someone in need.
Josh and I always, always pack a few items of clothing that we no longer want to give away to children - it is a great way to get to know the community you travel to.  

A great wine tool is essential

My favorite wine tool of all time
Yes, I know this makes me sound like a lush but it is multi-functional.  It can serve as a weapon if need be, an outdoor tool and also to make opening your wine bottles in remote locations a lot easier!  But you can only bring them if you check luggage, they are not allowed on carry on bags.  I always put my in my husbands board bag because we have to check those.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 

And that is it folks - my must have travel products.  Everything else I pack is add on stuff but these are necessary.  

United Military Travel has a ton of products you can choose from to customize easy travel so contact them today!

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