Friday, October 10, 2014

What Interest You???

What kind of travel interests you?????

Family Travel

What is the best form of education for your child?  Travel of course.  From day one of their life we teach them how to navigate the world around them, slowly making their world bigger all in attempts to create a foundation of understanding.  I have always been a hands on learner so for me actually experiencing the world has taught me more than reading about it - it has taught me how to "navigate".  Whether I am in my own back yard to school to friends to life in general - travel opened up the world to me in more ways you can imagine.  

When planning a family vacation what is your first step in figuring out where you should go?
You should first think about what interests your child the most and what the parents can enjoy also.
Children love animals.
The travel possibilities are endless from this point.
* The San Diego Zoo or any zoo for that matter
* Central and South America - there are soooo many fun family activities there!
* African Safari
* Aquariums
* Hiking/Camping
NO matter how large or small the trip is your child will benefit immensely from interacting with the things they love!

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Unique Travel
This was where we slept in Napa - we did not plan this but things like this just happen to us.  
Do you travel for the unique, totally off the wall travel experiences?  This is one for me - I love going places and doing things that make people say, "you did what?!?" 
Our hearts are always searching for the out of ordinary.
When you plan a trip do you plan these unique experiences ahead of time or do you let them create themselves along the way.  
For many travelers these opportunities do not show themselves but that is because those who want them make them happen naturally...

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Shopping Travel
My kind of store.
I myself love to shop but its a catch 22 because I am one of the most frugal people I know other than my Dad.  
When I travel I always, always, always buy items I like. 
With a little bit of haggling of course!
Living in regret is something I try to avoid at all costs and when I may never return to that exact location I purchase what I want.  Majority of my favorite household items are ones that I have bought in my travels.  
*I have a weakness for buying yummy blankets!
With that said, I do not plan my travels around shopping destinations but many do.  
Shopping the Globe can be thrilling and take you many places.  And the things you shop for range from
 clothes > jewelry > spices > books > furniture > homes
etc etc etc etc
This type of traveling can get expensive because you are traveling to spend money rather than traveling for the experience.  

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The Royal Clipper
Some folks LOVE cruises!  
Who can blame them.  They are affordable, exciting, all-inclusive and multi-destinational.
 There is nothing like seeing the world by sea!
When someone says the word "cruise" to me the word "caribbean" pops into my head.

Aqua Expeditions
But why?  There are so, so, so many destinations and unique cruise lines to choose from, you could easily create a "unique" travel experience out of one.

Azamara Cruises
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Winter Travel 
This can mean two things:
Hitting the slopes
Soaking up the sun

To me - I'd rather soak up the sun then kill myself on a mountain....but to each their own :) 

Tayrona National Park, Colombia
Or this...
Instead of turing into a couch potato and gaining all the weight back you lost for summer get active and enjoy the season.  A weekend trip to the mountains does not mean you have to go skiing but rather rent a cabin and snuggle up with your family and watch the winter wonderland by the comfort of your fireplace. 
Head south!
How far south you go is up to you but my southern destination of choice is South America.  But if I had to stay domestic west coast Florida, California and North or South Carolina would be my"go to" getaways. 
Many people (like myself) save their vacation time for the winter - to escape the cold.  

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Adventure Travel
Whether you are surfing perfect lefts in the Mentawais, dog sledding in Alaska, having breakfast in a hot air balloon in New Mexico or hiking a National Park there is more than enough adventure to go around!  To plan the perfect adventure for decide what you want to do.  From there find the best season, location, expenses and what gear is needed.  

Antarctica > Africa > Bali > Tibet > Switzerland

Create your perfect trip - the world is your playground!  

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Travel like me and contact United Military Travel to book all of your airfare, hotels, car rentals, excursions and accessories to make the perfect trip!  

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